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92 Build Up, Passing Combinations and Attacking Positional Practices Direct from De Zerbi’s Training Sessions

Learn and apply Roberto De Zerbi’s exact training methods, so your team can reproduce his unique build up play patterns and attacking style of play to dominate your opponents

Referring to the way Roberto De Zerbi coaches his teams to play with the innovative build up play tactics included in this book, Pep Guardiola said "I think Brighton is playing something unique, special,” and “he monopolises the ball in a way I haven’t seen for a long, long time.”

Roberto De Zerbi has earned the reputation of being one of the most exciting young coaches in the world by playing attractive attacking football, and this is your chance to implement his style of play into your team's training sessions.

In his first season with Brighton, he led them to their highest ever Premier League finish (6th) and their first ever qualification for European competition. This followed his previous successes at Shakhtar Donetsk, Benevento, Foggia, and most notably with Sassuolo in Serie A, where he over achieved by finishing in 8th position twice.

This Book Teaches You How to:

  • Replicate Roberto De Zerbi's playing style
  • Train your players with a possession-based attacking style of play
  • Implement fundamental training elements to improve your team with De Zerbi's unique build up play patterns
  • Break the lines with positional build up play and attacking positional patterns of play practices
  • Coach your team to control the ball and dominate your opponents

Learn Roberto De Zerbi’s Key Principles and Tactics:

  • Learn how to bait the press (draw opponents forward and out of position)
  • Coach your team to control the ball and dominate opponents by keeping possession
  • Give your players confidence to play out from the back with fast and intricate passing combinations
  • Use third man link players to break through pressure and lines
  • Create space and overloads high up the pitch
  • Implement creativity, movement, rotations, and positional interchanges to break down defences
  • Use supporting runs to finish attacks quickly and efficiently
  • Increase your team's output by creating more chances and scoring more goals! - attack and create chances in the final third

"Pay attention to what I’m going to say because I’m pretty convinced I’m right – Roberto De Zerbi is one of the most influential managers in the last 20 years."

Pep Guardiola

92 Build Up, Passing & Attacking Positional Practices Included:

  • Rondos
  • Passing Combinations
  • Positional Possession Games
  • Positional Build Up Play
  • Attacking Positional Patterns of Play
  • Attacking Combinations and Finishing

The 92 Practices included in this book are all taken directly from Roberto De Zerbi’s training sessions at Brighton, Shakhtar Donetsk, and Sassuolo between 2018 and 2023.

Learn, Practice and Apply Roberto De Zerbi’s Exact Training Methods Direct from his Training Sessions - attack and create chances in the final third

Roberto De Zerbi Practice Examples:

  • Receiving Angles for Build Up Through Lines Support Play Passing Circuit
  • Positional Build Up Play Possession Game in Centre of the Pitch
  • Bait the Press and Find the Right Moment to Advance Build Up Play
  • Combination Play Wide, Reset to Centre Back, and Attack Through Flank
  • Passing Across Back Line and Attacking Through Centre with Inverted Forwards
  • Short Passing Combination Play and Finishing 3-Stations Circuit

Roberto De Zerbi

Roberto De Zerbi, Brighton Manager

  • One of the best young coaches in world football
  • Innovative build up play tactics have made a huge impact on coaching
  • Gained high praise and recognition for possession-based attacking style of play
  • Impacted changes from top managers and teams to replicate De Zerbi's tactics


  • Led Brighton to highest ever Premier League finish (6th)
  • Achieved Brighton's first ever European competition qualification (Europa League)
  • Qualified for Last 16 of Europa League finishing top of qualifying group
  • Over achieved with Sassuolo, finishing 8th in Serie A twice
  • Reached semi-finals of the Coppa Italia with Sassuolo, a notable achievement for the club
  • Ukrainian Super Cup winner with Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Left Shakhtar Donetsk top of their doemstic league before it was cut short due to war in Ukraine
  • Serie C Promotion with Foggia which led to appointment as manager of Benevento in Serie A - Jürgen Klopp Liverpool Attacking Tactics - attack and create chances in the final third

"Everyone knows what we have to do in our position, and he expects different things from each position. He gives you enough information to choose the right decision for you. That is good as a player. You can see which decision fits."

Alexis Mac Allister
Liverpool, Argentina, and former Brighton Midfielder

Roberto De Zerbi - 92 Build Up, Passing Combinations and Attacking Positional Practices Direct from De Zerbi’s Training Sessions

Learn and apply Roberto De Zerbi’s exact training methods, so your team can reproduce his unique build up play patterns and possession-based attacking style to dominate your opponents

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