Success in Soccer Practice Planner 1 - Youth U16-U18

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Practice planning - quick, simple, adaptable and practical (U16 - U18) 
by Norbert Vieth
If you`re an advanced youth coach, your players need a motivational training program that enables them to have lots of fun playing the game and develop their soccer skills while also improving their physical fitness.

  • What do advanced youth players expect of their club?
  • Optimize your planning with conceptual building blocks
  • The easy way to plan and organize practice sessions
  • Help your self to our catalog of exercises!
  • The right solution for any situation
  • There`s always time to prepare for practice
  • Adapt the set up to your situation
  • Three groups are more effective than two

What you do get?
A handy and efficient tool that will help you quickly plan practice sessions that are individualized, practical and systematically structured. Using our conceptual building blocks, you can put together an unlimited supply of fresh and motivational training programs that are sure to cover all the most important concepts for this age level.
And the Success in Soccer Practice Planner simplifies planning in another way too: All of the more than 70 games and exercises shown share the same basic set up, so the tiring, complicated, time consuming and disruptive process of rearranging the field be comes unnecessary. Creating practice sessions for U16 and U18 teams just doesn`t get any easier than this!

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