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This long awaited book in FULL COLOUR contains a full and extensive analysis of Jurgen Klopp's Borussia Dortmund team. This tactical blueprint is explained clearly with supporting diagrams, notes and detailed descriptions.

This analysis has been used to produce 14 sessions (53 practices) including functional practices, opposed/unopposed zone play, transition games, game situations and small sided games.

Tactical Analysis Coaching Topics :

  • Pressing Against Teams With Two Defensive Midfielders (4-4-2 / 4-2-3-1)
  • Creating Superiority In Numbers And Blocking All Passing Options (Centre Forward Is First Defender)
  • Ultra Offensive Pressing
  • Pressing Against The 4-3-3 Formation
  • Blocking The Vertical / Inside Passes And Forcing The Ball Wide
  • Defending In The Middle Third
  • Preventing Through Balls
  • Defending Near The Sideline
  • Switching From Passive Defending To Pressing
  • Defending Against Teams With A Three Man Defence
  • Defending In The Defensive Third

A Chance for You to Learn Klopp's 4-2-3-1 System of Play, Tactics, Each Player’s Responsibilities, Positioning & Movement With Every Possible Phase of Play

  • 220 Pages
  • 91 Tactical Analysis Topics
  • 14 Sessions
  • 53 Practices
  • U14-Pro Level

Jurgen Klopp's Borussia Dortmund are a very successful team that focus on high tempo pressing, preventing through balls and preparing for the transition from attack to defence when in possession. Jurgen Klopp has led his team to two Bundesliga titles, one German cup and the Champions League Final in 2013.

Session & Practice Topic Samples:

  • Applying Pressure on the Goalkeeper and the Centre Back, Preventing Passes Inside and Forcing the Ball Wide
  • Pressing High Up the Pitch, Forcing the Ball Inside and Blocking Potential Passes in a Dynamic Zonal Game
  • Applying Immediate Pressure on Midfielders (Prevent Them From Turning) in a Dynamic Zonal Practice
  • Pressing Centre Backs, Preventing Through Balls and Forcing the Ball Wide in a 6 Zone Dynamic Practice
  • Preventing Through Balls with Good Decision Making and Cohesive Movement in a Dynamic 8 v 7 SSG
  • Defending Near the Sideline in a 9 v 9 Dynamic Small Sided Game With Side Zones
  • Switching from Passive Defending to Pressing and Creating a Strong Side in a 2 Phase Dynamic SSG
  • Retaining Superiority In Numbers at the Back Against the 4-4-2 in a 6 v 4 Dynamic 4 Zone Transition Game
  • Retaining Superiority in Numbers at the Back Against the 4-2-3-1 in a Simple 2 Zone 4 v 2 Practice
  • Retaining Balance in the Midfield Line to Prepare for the Transition From Attack to Defence 6 v 6 Zonal Game
  • Retaining Balance Near the Sideline to Prepare for the Negative Transition in a Dynamic 8 Zone Transition Game
  • Retaining Safety Players when Building Up Play in a Dynamic 4 Zone 9 v 10 Transition Game

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